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"Mabrouka" - CD

Mabrouka CD coverMediterranean melodies and more. The melting together of various ethnic musical styles is not just a theory or practice for Atlas Soul, the members themselves are literally from all kinds of different countries and backgrounds. The group came together in Boston and it is where they make their homebase. Atlas Soul are: Jacques Pardo (France, Israel): guitar, sax, vocals, Angela Rossi (Italy): vocals, Walid Zairi (Tunisia): electric bass, Oud, percussions, Lucas Leto (USA): drum set, percussions, Jon Simmons (USA): trombone, percussions, Nadwa Al Rifai (Lebanon): vocals. Alan Perez (Cuba): vocals, percussions. Anwar Souini (Morocco): vocals, percussions.Atlas Soul is an award-winning band performing original music that celebrates Afro-Mediterranean culture and rhythm heavily spiced with Jazz and Funk. On their 3rd CD, "Mabrouka" they continue their genre-busting music. On "Angelo Mio" the melody and mood is slow and sultry with a moody trombone floating around the vocal but then the Chorus suddenly features a Drum n' Bass-type drumbeat while everything else remains in the original slow groove. Other tunes such as "Sarah's Groove" and "Sole" and more hard-driving Funk with heavily syncopated rhythms and extended improvisational jams that would not sound out of place at an outdoor Jamband festival. "Quiereme y veras" displays the Oud and Nylon-stringed guitars truly evoking a Mediterranean landscape and all that it entails. In addition to songs being sung in a languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew and English, Atlas Soul as lo espousing a political mind set. The lyrics speak of love, natural wonders, oppression, poverty, and of the melancholy of immigrants longing for their homelands. Their motto is world-music-for-world-peace.- World Rhythm Webzine/ P.R. Brimstone -